Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Benvinguts a Barcelona

Suites Avenue apartment, Passeig de Gracia 83
View from our rooftop overlooking La Pedrera
Rooftop pool
Delicious rose ice-cream
Fruit section of the Boqueria Market in Las Ramblas
Park Güell
Sagrada Familia entrance
Ceiling of the Sagrada Familia
La Pedrera rooftop

¡Hola! everyone!
I'm back from Barcelona and it's been quite an eventful trip! I've seen so many things and ate so much delicious food it's kinda hard for me to adjust to the Netherlands again. Especially the warm weather and the pleasant sea...
Before I left for Barcelona, I actually treated myself to a pair of quirky but classic blue baroque sunnies from Prada. I think I've been eyeing them for a couple of years now but I could never really justify (read: afford) these sunglasses in a country where the sun almost never shines. But this time around, it was on discount and I just had to try it on!

Our apartment Suites Avenue was right in the middle of the high-end shopping street Passeig de Gracia; where Chanel, Hermès and Burberry were just a few yards away. We had a rooftop pool where the view was amazing; just opposite of La Pedrera. Shopping is a serious past-time when you live in this street, I bought so much from Stradivarius (we don't have that in NL)!

I fell in love with the architecture of this city: Gaudí was literally everywhere we went. Even the small alleys and churches were such an adventure to visit, not to mention the dozens of boutiques (never walk alone in alleys when it's dark!). The only thing that I really couldn't get used to was the late hour at which the Spanish eat their dinner. How do they do that?!

Seeing the Sagrada Familia has got to be the highlight of the trip; needless to say the pictures speak for themselves. When I was younger, I never thought much of this church because it looks dark and smudgy, but now, once again, I've learned not to judge the outside of any building (or any person, for that same matter) before entering (note: buildings, not people).

This trip was the first in a long, long time for me and I definitely needed this break to 'recharge' myself again. My next vacation will be in November this year, I'll be traveling back to Hong Kong again for a special reunion with my family! 

PS: I was being serious about being careful in Barcelona. Most of the citizens are generally kind and will help you, but I did witness a couple (tourists with obvious giant unfolded map) almost getting robbed from their suitcase because they were so busy searching for a place they left their luggage unattended. Use your common sense and zip up your bag properly, petty thiefs will take advantage of any simpleton. The guy I saw casually walked past the couple and strolled away with their trolley like it was his own.



  1. Wow.. love your pictures :D
    Barcelona is the greatest city in the world!
    Thanks for the trip back to memory lane

    1. Haha thanks! I do hope to return one day, I don't think I've seen everything just yet! x

  2. Cool one :) You can check out my blog for more Barcelona-feeling :)


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