Thursday, March 12, 2015

Zoeva Bamboo Vol. 2 Brush Set

Zoeva Cosmetics is about to launch their newest addition to their brush sets and sent me this vegan and eco-friendly Bamboo Vol. 2 Brush set! The high quality of these brushes were no exception (as I had previously reviewed their Rose Golden Luxury Set before). This time, Zoeva Cosmetics revamped their old Bamboo brushes and they do not disappoint, ladies (and gentlemen)!

"Our ZOEVA Bamboo Vol. 2 Set is a vegan brush set for the free-spirited, balanced souls who love a simple design and grant themselves some luxury. Inspired by the origins of nature, our Bamboo Vol. 2 Set reflects the beginning of all things beautiful and our zest for life.

The eight vegan brushes of the Bamboo Vol. 2 Set are made of three renewable materials: Soft vegan taklon hair, bamboo wooden handles and golden colored aluminum ferrules refining the eco luxe design. We brought these carefully selected and hand-crafted materials to life, as we want to make your makeup application easy and flawless."

103 / Defined Buffer brush

As the weather has changed, I apply my foundation with my fingers now. I use this brush to buffer in any streaks or inconsistent spots. The dense brush is perfect to achieve that diffused flawless base.

109 / Face Paint brush

I have finally found the perfect brush to contour my face!
The shape and size is just right as I like to build my contour step by step.

128 / Cream Cheek brush

This brush can be used to blend out the contoured areas or simply as a blush brush. I personally use this for applying blush and it picks up the pigments really well. 

105 / Highlight brush

Now this baby comes to show when it's time to apply highlighter! I love how the oblong dome shape makes sure that the highlight is spread evenly onto any specific area. I use the tip to put highlighter on to the bridge of my nose.

Cardboard Box brush holder & Large Clutch

Every ninja needs a scroll and this one is perfect to stash the entire set and pack it in your bag! I used this for overnight stays and it is so compact and keeps all the brushes tight and cosy. I really like the clutch but as far as practicality goes, it can get messy with all the brushes moving everywhere. Especially when you want to store brushes that don't have a brush guard! I'd use it to pack compacts, eye and blush products.

142 / Concealer Buffer brush

I have great experiences with the Concealer Buffer brushes from Zoeva, they do an amazing job blending out concealer, but also for applying base eyeshadow on my lids. Now that I have two, I can separate their uses!

227 / Soft Definer brush

Like the previous brush, this too was included in the Rose Golden Luxury Set. The Soft Definer brush does a great job at blending out eyeshadow. I always use this one to achieve a brown smokey eye-makeup.

232 / Classic Shader brush

For me, this brush was one of a kind. I like to use this one to apply  stronger and more defined eyeshadow right above my hooded crease. It's precise and can also blend any harsh mistakes.

317 / Wing Liner

This is the only brush I wouldn't really use to draw a liner. I find the bristles are way too soft to achieve that slick, defined line. Instead, I use this to apply brow powder as its features are perfect for just that!

I like the simplicity and variety of the Bamboo Vol. 2 Brush Set, but mostly because there is an equal amount of eyeshadow brushes and face brushes. I’m looking forward to watching the handles change color with time! Get that patina, lol. The three brushes that excited me the most were the 103 Defined Buffer, the 109 Face Paint and the 105 Highlight brush. Having said that, I doesn’t mean that I don’t like the eyeshadow brushes. I personally prefer putting more effort in creating a flawless canvas on my face than doing intricate eye makeup. The 227 Soft Definer brush, however, is a staple in putting on a base on my eyelids.

Sure, this set is less blitz and glam (such as their Rose Golden Brush Sets) and the synthetic smell really punched me in the face when I first opened the scroll cardboard brush holder (it’ll leave in due time with more use), but if you’re looking for that portable, natural and eco-friendly as well as diverse brush set for both your face and eyes, then I can definitely recommend this set! 

The Zoeva Cosmetics Bamboo Vol. 2 Brush Set will be available on March 30th 2015 and retails for €65.

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  1. The set looks gorgeous! Are the brushes soft?

    1. Yes, the brushes are really soft and gentle!


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