Thursday, May 14, 2015

Grey Matter

I'm always baffled at peers (give or take 5 years) who claim that they are intelligent. I have enough trouble as it is avoiding getting hooked on door handles with my sleeves. With a cup of scalding tea in my hands. So, ultimately, there are two kinds of people: the intelligent ones and the clumsy ones. And if you're really that lucky, you're dyspraxic.

I'm not exactly stupid either, but my range of facial expressions lies somewhere between 'Permanent Resting Bitch-face' and the 'Forever Mooooong~ Stupefied-look'. Which is probably why some people avoid me and others ask me for directions. Because you always pick the glassy looking girl who seems like she knows exactly where she's going. Thankfully, my range of crackalackin' jokes is wider than anyone else's so at least I've got that going for me. I guess you really can't tell if someone is smart or funny based on the way they look (at you). 

This particular outfit isn't put together by careful thinking; it was a rather hasty decision to go and shoot outside. But it was perfect for yesterday's weather as it got quite chilly in the shade. I have to admit that I haven't worn these sandals out for a over a year now, and they are actually quite comfortable if you're back at home within two hours. Which leaves you enough time to return that ill-fitting piece of clothing you 'accidentally' bought and be back on the couch to catch up on the rerun of Game of Thrones. If you watched last Sunday's episode, you'll know that 'greyscale' matches today's theme like a jigsaw puzzle. See what I did there?

PS: Obsessing over mirrored sunglasses for the Summer? Check out Polette's inventory (the one I wore in the post is the model 'Trigger')! Make sure to follow Polette's Instagram if you wanna keep up with their latest models!

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