Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Olives & Gilded Trinkets

As the rest of the country is coping with a heatwave, I enjoyed a peaceful afternoon out on my balcony where the old olive tree is bearing tiny fruits. I tried to chew through Dante's Inferno, but reading about a journey through hell when it's 32˚ degrees outside seemed a bit poetically tragic.
I have to admit that the gold-plated jewelry from IVORY STUDIOS did distract my attempts to read in this heat, but I was more than happy to oblige considering how lovely they are. The pieces are dainty, ornate, timeless and interchangeable, which makes them a perfect addition to any outfit. IVORY STUDIOS strives to bring affordable luxury jewelry with exactly those characteristics. I usually stack several rings together because the width of the bands are small enough without looking too bulky. I also love the intricate woven design on one of the bangles because it really stands out despite its simplicity. 
Pictured above are two of my favorite rings of their collection. Again, the woven details remind me of olive wreaths and the right one looks like a delicate crown (it's super shiny in real life!). And can we please use this opportunity to appreciate the cuteness of the baby olives? 

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